About Albion

The Albion Bath Company Ltd has been designing and manufacturing its ever expanding range of hand made premium quality bathtubs since 1992. With our unique composite construction methods, and peerless design, Albion can offer the discerning client something unique, and truly individual.

Tony Harvey

One of the two founding members of The Albion Bath Co. Ltd. With over twenty years experience in the reinforced composite industry, He is responsible for product design and development, now based in China to assist with the introduction of the Albion brand to the Chinese market.

A history and introduction

In 1992, the founders of what was to become The Albion Bath Company, formed a partnership to explore and develop an alternative to Acrylic or Iron, for the production of bathtubs, incorporating the use of modern composite materials.

With over twenty years of combined experience within the reinforced plastics industry, it was felt that a resin composite structure could be developed, to create a high quality bathtub that retained all of the traditional esthetic qualities of form and style. From the elegant French Empire period Bateaux baths, to the classic Victorian ‘roll top’.

After several years of of development, then achieving initial sales success, The Albion Bath Company Ltd, became an incorporated company in the United Kingdom in 1996. The objective, to address the shortcomings of cast Iron, and offer a higher quality alternative to Acrylic.

The processes that had been developed, and the materials that would be used to achieve the objectives of:

  • High quality.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Longevity.
  • Good esthetics.

Fulfilling these objectives, would not easily lend themselves to producing a mass market product.

So, from the outset, the intention, was to create a specialist ‘Niche’ market company, focused on the upper end of the domestic bathroom market. The materials and procedures, create a product that is fundamentally different from Acrylic, and will provide many years of quality bathing, beyond that which an Acrylic product can provide.

In essence, what Albion has done, is produce a 21st Century alternative to Cast Iron. With an Iso Enamel surface finish, and reinforced resin composite structure, that is both immensely strong, and completely rigid, and at the same time thermally very efficient. The Albion Bath Co. has developed a material that is far better suited for its purpose.