One of the unique exterior design features of particular Albion Bath models is the ability to apply special coatings and paint finishes.

Creating the opportunity for individual expression, to suit your taste or coordinate with your decorative bathroom style.

Colour Chart

Colour, on the exterior of an Albion bath. For Pastel or Semi Matt finishes, Albion is using Imported washable acrylic paint from Denmark (Northern Europe). Albion has been using these types of paints, for approximately 15 years in the UK without issue.

Colour Coordination

With a huge choice of colours, it is possible to co-ordinate your bath with your decorative style. Whether it be to compliment, or contrast wall tiling, to coordinating with an overall decorative style or theme.

Semi Matt Pastels

Softer pastel Shades work best in a semi matt finish.

'Antique' Effect Finishes

Antique Gold, Bronze, and Iron effect finishes. This is a special imported polish that is coated with a Lacquer finish.

'Antique' Bronze

UK Finishes

Polished Copper or Pewter Finishes. These Finishes are applied in the UK. Baths with these finishes must be imported to order.